Hijama Services

Make an appointment with our certified Hijama practitioners to fulfill a forgotten Sunnah. (Brothers and Sisters)

Zakat Al Maal & Zakat Al Fitr

We collect and distribute funds for Zakat Al-Maal and Zakat Al-Fitr. We collect Zakat Al-Maal year-round and Zakat Al-Fitr during the last 10 days of

Janazah Services

MCC assists in Janazah services and arrangements by providing space for families and funeral prayers.

Mental Health Services

MCC offers a weekly circle for Sisters looking for support and empowerment. In addition to support and guidance, our program helps direct individuals to the


Services are provided to community members looking for counsel and guidance from an Islamic perspective.


Licensed in the City of New York, Imam Abdallah provides Nikah services for couples